Friday, January 14, 2011

I Miss Blogging!

Wow....has it really been months and MONTHS since I last blogged!  Crazy how time flies when you're having FUN!!!!

Well some Alexander Updates:


What can I say....he's a stinkin' genius.  Doing FABULOUS at school....gets A's without even trying (grrrr....just a tinge of jealousy there:-) and really being a great daddy.  He should be done....DONE with undergrad in December and then he's considering law school.  Yay for him!!

Me (Lindsey, just in case you forgot my name since it's been soo long!):

I'm doing great....working a lot (boo), being mommy (wahooo!), and trying to get our house all decorated.  We closed on our house in August and it's been pretty slow going getting it "homey".  I absolutely love my job but I'm looking forward to having a dual income so I can cut my hours!


He's such a big boy!!  He'll be FIVE YEARS OLD in about 7 weeks!!  Crazy!!  He's soooo helpful, loving, and compassionate.  I just love him to pieces!!  He's doing great in Pre-K and looking forward to going to "real" school in August.


Oh how I love my Lilli:-)  She's my stinker but keeps us laughing NON-stop.  She attends a special pre-K program because she has a pretty extensive speech delay but she's doing AWESOME!!  Talking more and more everyday.  We recently found out it's most likely due to the fact that she's had lead poisoning for some time....!!!!  We had a lot of decorations in our house from China (painted metals and such) which she loved to play with.....there's no words to describe the guilt felt knowing you were poisoning your own child (unknowingly.....obviously).  Many tears have been shed BUT Lilli is definitely on the UP!!  She's doing great and catching up faster than we could have ever imagined:-)

And Finally....Baby #3!!!

Ahhhhh......I can't believe we're having another peanut!!  I'm sooooo excited to welcome baby girl on or around March 25th 2011 (yes, I only have 10 weeks to go!!).  Names you ask?  Yep....we definitely don't have one picked out yet (typical Alexander fashion:-).

I think that's all for now:-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

20 Inches.....Gone!!!!

I cut my hair!!!!!  I'm sad it's gone, but I'm LOVING the fact that it only takes me a few minutes to do it.  No longer will I be sitting there blow drying my hair for 45 minutes!!!!

Here's the before:

And....the after!
Now.....let the growing begin!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Prayers needed!!

A fellow blogger is in desperate need of prayers right now!!  Her little girl was born with Hydrocephalus and is currently in the hospital undergoing emergency treatment.  Please keep Cayman and her family in your prayers today and always!

Our field....

We had our first team meeting for our new house on Wednesday and they'll start building next week! Waahhhoooooo!! We're SO stinkin' excited to watch them build our home from start to finish. Here are some pics of our house thus open field:-)

My Lilli....she NEVER poses for pics so I was happy to get his one:-)
Our lot viewed from my mom's back yard.
My munchkins climbing on the dirt mound they delivered to start leveling our lot!!

The sold sign....WOOT!!!! My munchkins being uncooperative....SHOCKING:-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bluebonnets and Easter Fun!!

Easter this year was a BLAST!!!! Mason is finally old enough to hunt for eggs and Lilli, well Lilli is just cute:-) We had a fabulous day together as a family celebrating God and His Son!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're Moving!!

Kyle and I bought a house!!!! Wahhhooooo!!!! Although not very far from where we're currently living (with my mom), in fact, only about 20 yards away. I'm SO EXCITED!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well Hello! It's been awhile!!

I'm back!!!! Not that I have many readers.....I hope the few that I have missed me though:-) much has changed in the past few months!! I think I'll just make a list for a quick update.

1. For starters.....I now reside in TEXAS!! WAHOOOO!!!! To say that I'm loving it, is an understatement!
2. I have a job (THANK GOODNESS).....Uncle Sam is NOT very forgiving when it comes to repayment! I work in a small town in east Texas and it's wonderful. I love the demographic I serve and it's nice to actually get paid (it's been a LONG time since that has happened!!).
3. The kids started a Christian school on January 11th....sad day for me but....they are LOviNG IT!! They only go three days a week for 5 hours a day so it's a nice break from mom and dad.
4. Lilli celebrated her SECOND Birthday!! My little girl is soo sweet!! I just love her with every once of my heart:-)
I made this cake!!

5. Kyle's in school at the University of Texas (at Dallas) and he's doing GreAT!!
I'm a bit jealous because he has natural brains!! He's majoring in Political Science/International Security. Who knows where that will lead him....maybe he'll be the governor of Texas one day:-)

Well....there's tons more but instead of trying to catch up, I think I'll just start blogging regularly again!!

Here's a few pictures of my SwEEt FAMILY!!!!